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The pattern of starbucks disposable cups
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ТЕМА: The pattern of starbucks disposable cups
The pattern of starbucks disposable cups 4 Месеци, 1 седмица Карма: 0  
Starbucks is one of the most famous coffee companies in the world, and almost everyone is familiar with the brand. Starbucks is famous for its coffee, but so are its cups. Whenever people need to go out, the brand offers starbucks disposable cups to match the coffee. The design of these disposable cups, the company logo, is so beautiful and special.small dixie cups So, where did the pattern come from? Why is it designed like this? Is it meaningful? I believe that you are also curious about these questions.

The Origins of Starbucks
Founded in 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company is the world"s leading retailer of specialty coffee, roaster and owner of the Starbucks brand. Its retail products include more than 30 kinds of the world"s top coffee beans, handmade espresso, a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks, fresh and delicious pastry food and a variety of coffee machines, coffee cups and other commodities.
Today, Seattle is considered the coffee mecca of the United States, and many other popular gourmet coffee brands come from the city. Starbucks began in 1971 when the first Starbucks opened in Seattle"s Pike Place Market, the oldest farmers" market in the United States. Starbucks takes its name from a character in Moby Dick, and we"re all very familiar with their mermaid logo, which is said to have come from a Nordic woodcut.

The development of the logo
The founding team found a 16th century woodcarving (print) of a Scandinavian double-tailed sirens.bagasse food container wholesale And they circled it around the STARBUCKS COFFEE TEA SPICES, which became the first STARBUCKS logo. It was first used on March 29, 1971. So what the hell is this siren? Her original name was Sirens, a reference to ancient Greek mythology in which she was a creature with the head of a man or a bird (or a person, or even a mermaid) who used to lure sailors into wrecking their ships with her songs and then eat the sailors. The Starbucks Logo is based on a sirens wearing a crown and carrying two tails, and a sculpture of the sirens is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Some say the two-tailed mermaid was the ancestor of the single-tailed mermaid. Sirens represent evil, and their meanings include obsession, addiction and death.custom paper soup cups Starbucks itself said it chose the design because its founders had been hoping for a nautical theme when they started the store to capture The city"s identity. It dates back to 1971, when Seattle was known as a maritime port city. Starbucks opened its first coffee shop in Seattle"s Pike Place Market.pla spoon wholesale In 1987, the Logo was redesigned to keep the sirens" navel and cover their bare breasts with hair. In 1992, it was revised again. This time, the small demon was enlarged and the belly button was missing. In 2011, starbucks simplified the Logo again, removing the circle on the outside of the mermaid and the accompanying text, and expanded the green banshee. This pattern is still in use today.
Starbucks disposable cups
When you walk through the door of Starbucks, the first thing you"re likely to see is a group of people drinking mocha coffee while reading the newspaper or chatting with friends. Then, when you look a little further, you"ll see the smiling faces of baristas ready to take your order and tempt you with their mouthwatering pastries.cold drink paper cup wholesale All this is done while you breathe in the wonderful aroma of Starbucks coffee, and you hope the memory lasts until your next visit. The cafe is designed to be a place where people can socialize and even read while enjoying the specialty food. Many places have a fairly rich game and reading rack for you to enjoy while you"re there.
In fact, now many people like to take a cup of Starbucks coffee to go shopping for photos, Starbucks disposable cups has become a symbol of fashion. Starbucks" commitment to great service and coffee is evident in the way they run their business.sugarcane sushi container wholesale At one point they served breakfast sandwiches, but some complained that the smell of the food overrode the aroma of starbucks coffee, making the hotel smell more like a cafe than a cafe. They also ask employees to avoid using any type of highly flavored water, which can also affect the flavor and taste of the coffee.2.5oz paper cups Also, they have designated the interior space as non-smoking, so once again, nothing can mask the strong aroma of their coffee.
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